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...and when a voice in your dream asks, “I am a pearl, I come from a clam. Where are you from?”
You remember being a baby many years ago and say: “I am born from the abyss.”

Nothing is more mysterious than the ensemble of procedures, always identical and never predictable, by which night succeeds day. The first portent of these procedures is always a matter for doubt and anxiety. No one can tell what forms will be adopted, on this one particular occasion, by the night’s insurrection.

… I felt that if I could find the right words to describe these ever-changing phenomena, if I could communicate to others the character of an event which was never twice the same, then I should have penetrated or so I felt to the inmost secrets of my profession, … and then I should have gained a vision of the indecipherable forces, the vapours and fulgurations whose obscure conflicts I have only glimpsed vaguely, within the depths of myself.

Claude Lévi-Strauss, Tristes Tropiques

… if hurt, they breathe
Venom into their bite, cleave to the veins
And let the sting lie buried, and leave their lives
Behind them in the wound

Virgil, The Georgics

I want to share this emptiness with you,
not to fill a silence with false notes or put tracks through the void.
I want to share this wilderness of failure.
The others have built you a highway - fast names in both directions.
I offer a journey without direction, certainty and sweet conclusion.
When the light faded, I went to search for myself.
There are many paths, and many destinations.

Derek Jarman, Garden

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