Towards Evenings: The Clock

engraved brass plate,  bulb
46.8×46.8×10(h) cm

The Clock functions as a timer for the on-going progression of this long-term project. The brass copper plate, marked at the center, is divided into six sections indicating the six chapters in the clockwise order. Each chapter marks in small divisions. The light beams under the plate correspond to the current status of each chapter. The clock serves two purposes: a guide for the audience, and a timetable for the artist to document her ongoing creative process. Upon the completion of the project, the clock will be fully illuminated and transformed into a blazing sun.

The clocks completed to date: 2018 version, OCAT Xi’an; 2017 version, BANK.


46.8×46.8×10(h) cm


目前已完成:2018 版,OCAT西安;2017版,BANK。

Towards Evenings: The Clock (2017 ver.)

Towards Evenings: The Clock (2018 ver.)

On view at Flown Away Is the Gold of Days, BANK, Shanghai, China, 2017

On view at Gold Flow, Chao Art Center, Beijing, China, 2018


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