Towards Evenings: Six Chapters (since 2012) is the artist’s ongoing quest for the nebulous space between day and night, light and twilight, the known and the unknown. With a particular focus on the tension between reading and viewing, the series draws inspiration from literary and visual materials across time and cultures. While the chapters stand independently, they also interact with each other and constitute a network of human experiences that center on the intricate and transient time of the dusk.
This body of work includes two parallel projects, The Clock and The Restoration, which are developed along with the six main chapters.

《向晚六章》(2012 至今)是一次探寻黄昏的主题漫游。沉迷于黄昏稍纵即逝的神秘体验,艺术家在创作中吸取了源自不同文化与历史的图文材料,并尤为注重观看经验和阅读经验的比较研究。项目的每个章节既独自成立,又相互作用,共同编织出一个持续生长的立体网络。在日与夜、光与暮光、知与未知之间,艺术家无数次逗留,再无数次出发。

Nothing is more mysterious than the ensemble of procedures, always identical and never predictable, by which night succeeds day. The first portent of these procedures is always a matter for doubt and anxiety. No one can tell what forms will be adopted, on this one particular occasion, by the night’s insurrection.
I felt that if I could find the right words to describe these ever-changing phenomena, if I could communicate to others the character of an event which was never twice the same, then I should have penetrated or so I felt to the inmost secrets of my profession, … and then I should have gained a vision of the indecipherable forces, the vapours and fulgurations whose obscure conflicts I have only glimpsed vaguely, within the depths of myself.
Many years have passed, and I don t know if I could recapture that early state of grace. Could I re-live those moments of fever when, notebook in hand, I would jot down, second by second, phrases evocative of the evanescent and constantly renewed forms before me? It’s a gamble that still fascinates, and I’m often tempted to begin it all over again.

- Claude Lévi-Strauss, Tristes Tropique





Chapter I · The Uneven Time

第一章 · 非均质的时间

Chapter II · Nightfall Disquiet

第二章 · 向晚意不适

Chapter III · The Red Cocoon

第三章 · 赤之茧

Chapter IV · Between Identities

第四章 · 在面孔和面孔之间

Chapter V · Two Kinds of Light

第五章 · 两种光

Chapter VI · Erebus

第六章 · 厄瑞玻斯


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