The Only Question is How to Endure

metal shelves, archival inkjet prints mounted on aluminum sheets and glass, text
180×180×10(h) cm each, set of 4 

How is your time spent in the evening, the hours of eternally overlapping transience and ephemerality? Shall we immerse in waiting (“Feeling the time flow from one cheek to the other.”), or dwell in reluctance (“Getting through it like exhausted hikers.")? Should we expand this moment infinitely (“The golden divinity would not herself dwell with us always, but we could counterfeit her presence.") or dwell in its infinity and internalize this daily parting into one's temporality (“Every step I’ve made in the direction of the horizon matches its recessive step; every evening, the same sun sets off the horizon.”)?

Drawn from the artist's reading, research, and daily experiences, visual materials are collated into four possible experiences of dusk presented in the form of curios cabinets. This collection of photographs and archival documents displayed on four black shelves are also accompanied by literary texts. Here, these metal constructs serve as much as containers as large framing devices that present the internal relationships among the images rather than their specific visual forms. This notion resonates with John Berger’s statement, “Meaning and mystery are inseparable, and neither can exist without the passing of time. Certainty may be instantaneous; doubt requires duration; meaning is born of the two.”


180×180×10(h) cm, 共4件 



The Only Question is How to Endure: Immersing


The Only Question is How to Endure: Resisting


The Only Question is How to Endure: Seizing the Moment


The Only Question is How to Endure: Understanding Eternity


On view at Mercury’s Tail, Wuhan Art Museum, Wuhan, China, 2023

On view at Towards Evenings, My Heart, Galleri Image, Aarhus, Denmark, 2022
Courtesy of Mikkel Kaldal 

On view at The 9th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT9), Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, Australia, 2018 

On view at Prix YISHU 8, YISHU 8 Maison des Arts, Beijing, China, 2018

On view at Flown Away Is the Gold of Days, BANK, Shanghai, China, 2017


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