In a series of multi-media practices, Chen Zhe integrates her earlier exploration of extreme physical experiences with the order of the universe, using the human body to summon and assume the prophecies that transcend individual destiny. Through lengthy contemplation and sudden enlightenment, the artist realizes that “a slow remembering of a long forgetting”* can turn one into the prophet of their own destiny. The things you recall may seem either incomprehensibly distant or painfully close. They cannot yet be seen in their entirety, nor can they be articulated. But you still know them: you know them as intuitively as you know what lies beneath your own skin, or the ancestors you’ve never met, or the world hidden in your dreams.
And when a voice in your dream asks, “I am a pearl, I come from a clam. Where are you from?”
You remember being an infant many years ago and say: “I am born from the abyss.”

在一系列多样化媒介的创作里,艺术家将她早期摄影中对极端身体经验的探究, 与广袤的宇宙秩序相连,以肉身为匙,去召唤和继承超越个体生命的预言片段。通过持久的审视和偶发的启迪,艺术家意识到人其实是自己的预言家——一旦当你开始想起那些“你仍然知道的事”*。尽管它们有的距离太远,有的距离太近; 尽管眼下尚且看不全,也说不清,但是你仍然知道它们:像是对皮肤之下的身体 的那种知道,像是对未曾谋面的祖先的那种知道,像是人在梦中的那种知道。

The title is a direct quote from an interview with Duane Michals: “Perhaps everything possible has already happened and our lives are a slow remembering of a long forgetting”. The text is inspired by a dialogue from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho: “‘Thank you,’ said the boy. ‘You taught me the Language of the World.’ ‘I only invoked what you already knew.’

标题引自保罗·柯艾略在《牧羊少年奇幻之旅》里的段落: “‘谢谢!’少年说,’您教会了我世界的语言。’‘我只不过使你回忆起早已知道的事。’”以及艺术家杜安·迈克尔斯在采访中所答:“或许所有可能发生的事全都已经发生,而生命就是去慢慢回想起这些悠久的遗忘。“

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