Reading Old Dreams: Next to You

hand-carved marble bench, resin skull with embedded LED light, ambers, wood
160×51×47(h) cm

The series Reading Old Dreams includes illuminated resin skulls and different types of stone structures: a marble bench with skin-colored amber stones scattered on top invites the viewer to sit next to the skull (Reading Old Dreams: Next to You); a site reminiscent of ancient ruins—with column parts, cannonballs, animal feeders, and lamp bases—invites the viewer to wander between flickering skulls (Reading Old Dreams: Among You); a pair of hand-carved stone chairs invite the viewer to sit with the skull face-to-face, while the smooth dents on the seats and backs of the chairs seem to remind one that someone has been there before (Reading Old Dream: Facing You).

Stones, which inhabited the earth billions of years before human beings arrived, have been shaped by geological processes, worn by weathering and erosion, and manipulated by human activities; they are the fossils of time itself. The stones in this series expand time far beyond the scope of individual life. They sit next to the glimmering skulls, whose light reminds us of our ancestors, of candles in the night, souls, and sealed dreams.


160×51×47(h) cm



On view at A Slow Remembering of A Long Forgetting, BANK, Shanghai, China, 2020


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