The Nearest Labyrinth to the Sky series

wool, mixed silk
280×210×2(h) cm

Reading Old Dreams and The Nearest Labyrinth to the Sky originate from the artist’s imagination of the two maps that are fundamental to all human beings. Juxtaposing the biological (the pattern of cranial sutures) with the astrological (the natal chart), the artist responds to the interpretation of our relationship with the universe in mystical doctrines with her own exploration of the relationship between body and mind. The cranial sutures, which are flexible during infancy, would gradually fuse as the body grows and leave behind a unique pattern on the skull, just like the natal chart that records the position of the stars at the moment of one’s birth. These maps are born out of our first breath; they contain the original elements of our life’s stories, and they develop with us through time (as the cranial sutures close and the energy of the stars is activated).  The mystery of this inner duality makes it hard to comprehend until we have completed our life’s journey. Until that moment (if it’s not too late), the maps will always be above us: carved into the flesh and blood of our skull, hanging in the starlit sky.

In The Nearest Labyrinth to the Sky, the artist reconstructs flattened images of animal skulls with wool and mixed silk to create an undulating map of life: the hollow sutures are river gorges, the shiny skins are mountain peaks, the crimson veins are fresh trails, the grey streaks are ancient lakes. As we close our eyes, they form an invisible path to the depth of our consciousness. When we stand up, they are the nearest labyrinth to the sky above our head.

迷宫离天最近 系列

280×210×2(h) cm

《古梦》《迷宫离天最近》这两组作品中,艺术家以人类与生俱来的两幅地图为原点,将生物学的命定(颅骨缝图)和占星术的命定(出生星图)并置思考,从身—心的角度回应了神秘学教义中对于人—天关系的理解。 人类婴幼儿时期柔软可塑的颅骨缝隙,会伴随成长逐渐闭合,形成独一无二的曲折纹路,一如记载了我们出生时刻众星在天空中位置关系的星图:二者都诞生自我们的第一口呼吸,包含了我们生命故事的原始元素,也会在我们逐渐展开的时间里、以各自的方式发展自身(颅骨缝隙收缩,行星能量激活)。两幅地图提供的既是确定的预言,也是开放的指引。或许是因为这内在的双重性太像谜语,我们往往只能在亲身活过之后才能真正理解它,而在那一时刻(如果不会为时已晚)到来之前,地图将始终位于我们的上方:由血肉织就的刻于头顶,由星星相连的悬于天穹。


The Nearest Labyrinth to the Sky II

迷宫离天最近 II

On view at Persona and Parasite, White Space, Beijing, China, 2022

On view at A Slow Remembering of A Long Forgetting, BANK, Shanghai, China, 2020

The Nearest Labyrinth to the Sky I

迷宫离天最近 I

The Nearest Labyrinth to the Sky III

迷宫离天最近 III


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