Gift series

painted silicone, antique singing bowl, mallet, wine, pedestal

A hand reaches out to you with a bowl. It could be a gesture of giving, or it could be a gesture of taking. Regardless of its intention, as soon as you take that hand, you are part of a pact—if you are asked to give, you will give; if you receive a gift, you will return the favor. If this deal concerns life and death, then it could also be a curse. Just as the meaning of the German word "gift" changed from "something that's given" to "poison" over time–if you ask for blood, you will be paid with blood. "While you live/Drink!—for, once dead, you never shall return." (Omar Khayyam, The Rubaiyat)

For this series, the artist has made three silicone arms that bear the physical marks of individuals of different ages. When the viewer strikes the bowl, the ripples expand, and the acoustic waves reach and resonate with the blood inside the viewer’s body, connecting the visible and the invisible on both sides of their skin.

礼物 系列




Gift: A Complex Moment of Honesty


On view at Persona and Parasite, White Space, Beijing, China, 2022

Gift: A Beauty Forsaken


Gift: A Life Lived Fiercely Together


On view at A Slow Remembering of A Long Forgetting, BANK, Shanghai, China, 2020


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