891 Dusks: An Encyclopedia of Psychological Experiences

leather bound book with gold embossing, text panels, sound, oval light installation
book: 25.8×36.8×4.4(h) cm
sound: 8’ loop

The work presents the artist’s research on widespread yet undiagnosed symptoms of "evening uneasiness." Tabulated as an index, this book categorizes and conceptualizes the “disquiet” through hundreds of psycho-poetic entries. Adapted from the pseudo-scientific publication, “New Comprehensive Homoeopathic Materia Medica of the Mind", these encyclopedic entries list the “symptoms” from the 891 transient experiences of dusk. Each entry embodies the ephemerality of such experience as well as the ineffable nature of its narrative. In adopting the pseudo-scientific approach to archive literary experience, an unknown lyrical form takes shape, for its semantics become a probe for ambiguity.

This encyclopedic presentation is accompanied by a group of text panels documenting the artist's modifications of the original text, and a recording of the selected entries read in English and Chinese along with meditative music.


书:25.8×36.8×4.4 cm



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On view at Participation Mystique, Ming Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai, China, 2020
Courtesy of Ming Contemporary Art Museum

On view at Towards Evenings: 891 Dusks, an Encyclopedia of Psychological Experiences, Plug In ICA, Winnipeg, Canada, 2020

On view at Symbiosis: The Intertextuality of Art and Poetry, OCAT Shen Zhen, Shen Zhen, China, 2019

On view at Crush, Para Site, Hong Kong, China, 2018


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