Celestial-cranial Instrument: Nine-stringed Quadrant

brass, aluminum, stainless steel wires
Φ300×182(h) cm

The Celestial-cranial Instrument series is inspired by the ancient Chinese ways of seeing that aim to “capture that which is available immediately as well as that which is beyond.” Measuring the length of one's shadow in daylight, our ancestors “treat the body as a ruler”; observing stars and celestial objects at night, they “consider constellations as the model par excellence.” Chen Zhe traces cranial sutures and forms of various astronomical instruments from different civilizations, creating a series of golden installations that lead to mysterious orders. The lively cranial elements and the sophisticated structural aspect speak respectively to the bodily and the rational — two pathways through which one can observe the cosmos. In the series of Celestial-cranial Instrument, the pairing of the human body and the stars can be considered at once a puzzle and an answer.


Φ300×182(h) cm


On view at As Precise As FeverWhite Space, Beijing, China, 2023

On view at From the Other Hill, Guardian Art Center, Beijing, China, 2023


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