Star of Seeing


Color tempered glass
Site-specific installation
180×180×0.6(h) cm


180×180×0.6(h) cm

Star of Seeing is a site-specific installation at the Surging Wave Pavilion in Suzhou. Half-hidden in the bamboo forest, the glass plate has a yellow-colored core and gradually fades until it becomes transparent at the rim, and the reflection of light on the glass changes with the weather and time of day. Star of Seeing (“Star of Confusion”) is an old Chinese translation of the word “planet”. The work traces the confusing transition of light and captures the ever-changing view with a gentle pause.


On view at As Time Goes By, Surging Wave Pavilion, Suzhou, China, 2020
Courtesy of Jeremie Thircuir, LIFE magazine, AD China


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